Why AvTech?

Modern and powerful computer –
without any extra mark-up

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One of the leading ALL-IN-ONE
brands in Europe

AvTech is Dubai-based technology company with branches all over the World. The company manufactures software, server and hardware components. And, of course, ALL-IN-ONE computers. The idea of AvTech brand is “available technologies” – technologies that are available for everyone.

The same components
the same quality

AvTech ALL-IN-ONE computers consist of world-renowned Class A components: Asus, Intel, Kingston, Windows and other. That guarantees consistently high quality of AVTECH computers as it is for other well-known brands in the market.
The biggest difference? Much lower price!

4 reasons , to choose AVTECH computer

Consistently high quality

AvTech ALL-IN-ONE computer is built from components of the best manufacturers. It works with any number of programs, files and browsers. No matter how high your requirements are AvTech computer can do it!

Below average market price

Other ALL-IN-ONE computer manufacturers invest many resources in marketing, resulting in higher product price AvTech invests resources in research and development, therefore the mark-up is minimal, but the price for the consistent quality of the computer equipment – lower!

Without intermediaries

E-veikals www.avtechcomputers.com represents the only and the official AvTech brand factory in Europe. Computer equipment has 2-year guarantee and full manufacturer service throughout Europe. In addition, it is possible to order such a computer that meets the specifics of your work, by adjusting individual configuration.

Does not affect company’s cash flow

For many companies cash flow is important when creating new workplaces or upgrading existing ones. In cooperation with “GRENKE leasing” it is possible to acquire ALL-IN-ONE computers on lease. Get and use powerful equipment instantly, dividing the payment by 3 years. It will cost less than a cup of coffee per day!

You don’t need to be a computer expert, to choose a suitable computer for you

It has become very simple, you just need to know the purpose you will use it for!