Quality guarantee

We guarantee the quality of AVTECH computer. Without excuses!

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Official AVTECH factory in Europe

Manufacture, distribution and service without intermediaries!

In order to fully provide customers with the best ALL-IN-ONE computer experience, it is possible to have not only individual configuration, but also full guarantee service for two years throughout Europe!

2-year guarantee throughout Europe

Additional guarantee available

ALL-IN-ONE computers come with free delivery and 2-year guarantee throughout Europe. It is possible to purchase also additional guarantee for you peace of mind!

Guarantee service throughout Europe

If necessary, during the guarantee period we will pick up your computer from anywhere in Europe by courier and deliver it to guarantee service. Then we will send back the refurbished ALL-IN-ONE computer completely free of charge!


Do you have any questions? We have answers.

Is the ALL-IN-ONE as powerful as desktops? The AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computer has exactly the same components and power as in a standard desktop computer box. There are ALL-IN-ONE models that can insert an additional video card for graphics and feature performance.
Haven't heard of the AVTECH, brand, are these computers reliable? The AVTECH brand is a designer for the technical design and compatibility of the ALL-IN-ONE computer. All components responsible for the operation of the equipment are specially selected from the components of the world's most popular, reliable and recognizable manufacturers. The ALL-IN-ONE has built-in branded components: Intel, Asus, Kingston, Windows, and more. Computers work stably and reliably.
Is ALL-IN-ONE computer loud? No, the volume of the AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE fan is equivalent to the sound of a laptop. Even better, AVTECH computers have a special cooling system and fans turn on at full power much less often.
Is the ALL-IN-ONE computer fan able to cool the machine? The AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computer has a built-in custom cooling system. Brass fins, which collect more heat from the processor, and a double ventilation provide faster heat. It is able to maintain an optimal temperature even under prolonged load.
If a part breaks, do I need to buy a new computer? AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computers are modular. It can be easily disassembled and any part can be easily replaced. Even better - all built-in parts are standard computer components, which can be purchased in any computer store or our representative office, if necessary, without looking for a specialized service center.
How can I apply for warranty service? AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computers have a two-year warranty throughout Europe. If any technical damage occurs during this use, contact us or fill in the service application. We will send a return sticker, which must be affixed to the return package and a courier must be called. We will deliver the equipment to our service center, perform warranty repairs and return, it's all free!
Can I order an individual ALL-IN-ONE kit? We produce both standardized most popular kits, individual and project orders. If there are special wishes and you did not find them among the classic solutions, write to us, we will contact you.
Is delivery free? Yes, we provide free delivery throughout Europe. We cooperate with the fastest delivery companies and you will receive within 2 to 4 working days. If your chosen device is in stock, we will send it the next day after receiving the payment. If the equipment has to be manufactured, it will take us no more than two days.
Can I buy a product without VAT? Yes, if the buyer is a legal entity and a VAT payer. AVTECH factory is located in Latvia. We issue a VAT invoice to all customers in Latvia. Outside Latvia, we issue export invoices without VAT to legal entities that are VAT payers, also we issue an invoice with the included VAT rate of 21% set in Latvia.
Which customers can recieve leasing? GRENKE leasing is only available to companies. Contact your nearest leasing consultant, fill in the application form and you will receive a confirmation within a few hours. The application states what equipment and for what amount you want to buy. If you want us to fill in the leasing form for you, write us a message, indicating the desired equipment and your contact information. We will contact you.
Can I become an AVTECH distributor? Yes, if you are a hardware distributor, SMB, B2G or B2C partner and want to become an AVTECH distributor, contact us.
Can I get a better price and how? We offer volume discounts. They are suitable for larger orders, tenders and projects. If you are planning to change the hardware in your office and want an individual offer, contact us.