Computer cheaper than coffee –

starting from 0.55 euros per day

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Computer cheaper than coffee –
starting from 0.55 euros per day!

Cash flow is important for any business. Acquiring AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computer on lease and splitting the sum in three years, each day it would cost less than a cup of coffee!
The leasing of computer equipment is provided by “GRENKE leasing” – an opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to acquire modern equipment on lease.
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GRENKE leasing

If you want to use a powerful equipment today, but pay during its operation, “GRENKE leasing” will be the right choice! This type of leasing is only available to companies. Contact your nearest leasing consultant, fill in the application form and receive confirmation within few hours. In application, indicate the equipment and the sum, as well as from whom you want to buy it.
When you have chosen the equipment for your needs and you want us to fill in the leasing form for you, send us a message with your contact information. “GRENKE leasing” consultant will contact you!

Use a powerful equipment today, pay during its operation!

Contact you nearest “GRENKE leasing” consultant!