How to choose
a computer?

4 steps to choose the right ALL-IN-ONE computer

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Choose screen size

Depending on your computer using habits and needs, choose the size of screen necessary for you. For everyday work, select the smallest screen, for large format work – larger.
It is possible to connect additional monitor to all AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computers.

Choose stationary or adjustable

Depending on the specifics of the workplace, it will be easier for you to decide what computer is necessary. If the monitor is placed on a platform, you can select stationary computer. But to ensure ergonomic workplace adjustment to your body and correct seating position, select adjustable ALL-IN-ONE computer. If your work involves processing large format Excel files, a rotating screen can be useful for you!

4 steps to choose the right ALL-IN-ONE computer


The processor is the “brain” of the computer. AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE is equipped with Intel brand processors i3/i5/i7. The higher the number, the more powerful the computer. An i3 processor is enough for everyday work with documents and web browsers. If you use specific graphic programmes or graphic games, then i7 processor will be more suitable.


While the computer is running, RAM remembers previous actions and helps processor run faster. The larger the RAM, the faster the operation. In everyday work the i3 processor works great with 4 GB of RAM, while for the i5 processor the most suitable would be 8 or 16 GB. For powerful work experience most suitable would be the i7 processor and 16-32 GB of RAM.

Hard drive.

Hard drive stores computer software and everything you want to keep on your computer. Nowadays a lot of information is stored in cloud solutions, therefore the capacity of computer’s hard drive may be smaller that allows to save money. ALL-IN-ONE computer works great with 128 GB hard drive, but if you would keep many photos and videos on your computer, choose a larger hard drive.

Additional equipment.

AVTECH ALL-IN-ONE computers have everything needed for work: built-in stereo, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you need a webcam or an additional powerful video card, look for devices that already have built-in additional equipment shown with icons next to product photos.


Perfect choice for everyday work. Choose a set with:
* i3 processor
* 4–8 GB of RAMu

Will work great:
* 3–5 simultaneously open web browser pages or online applications
* daily Excel calculations, work with documents and presentations

Suitable for secretary, call centres, data input operator, student, warehouse for picking goods, logistics for document printing, hotels, car service, sellers.

Most popular models:
* 22” stacionary (G20)
* 22” stacionary + webcam (B20Pro)
* 24” stacionary (G40)

The best assistant in everyday work.
Set with:
* i5 processor
* 8–16 GB of RAM

Will work great:
* 8–10 simultaneously open web browser pages
* data processing programs
* calculations of Excel data analysis, regular video and graphics processing

Suitable for department heads, medical practice, teachers, data analysts, accountants, advertising specialists.

Most popular models:
* 24” ergonomic (G40PRO)
* 24” ergonomic + webcam (K40PRO)
* 27” ergonomic (G70PRO)

This powerful computer can do everything!
Set with:
* i7 processor
* 16–32 GB of RAMu

Will work great:
* 10–15 simultaneously open web browser pages
* all computer programs
* video, photo and graphics processing
* processing of large format Excel data analysis

Suitable for everyone who care about speed and power. For managers, marketing and advertising specialists, data analysts, programmers.

Most popular models:
* 24” ergonomic (G40PRO)
* 24” ergonomic + webcam (K40PRO)
* 27” ergonomic (G70PRO)

For graphics processing and games!
Set with:
* i5–i7 processor
* 16–32 GB of RAM
* additional video card

The additional video card ensures faster processing of graphic data. If you need to work with photos, videos and computer graphics, then it will significantly improve your results.
Great for architect and designers to use graphic programs, as well as powerful graphic game playing. Your choice which computer adapt to your needs - Business or Expert.

Most popular models:
* 27” stacionary + webcamera + video card (G700))
* 27” stacionary + webcamera + video card + 2K (G700)